The CTI Approach

Promise of Service

When you book a reservation with CTI you initiate a positive chain reaction that culminates in a successful trip that goes exactly as planned.  Quality assurance steps are built into every link of CTI’s service chain, making sure that no detail is missed, the schedule is met, and the passenger experiences comfortable and relaxing travel while with CTI. From the time you call, email or enter your reservation online, CTI’s service chain is fully engaged, delivering on our Promise of Service.

  • New Accounts: The reservation and affiliate manager gathers all pertinent passenger profile and trip information, ensuring that each new account is accurate, secure and that service is seamless. 

  • Booking Confirmation: Within minutes of submitting your reservation via phone, email or online, a CTI reservation agent confirms that every detail of the booking is accurate. If you are a new customer, a personal profile is created to simplify future reservations.

  • Quality Control Department (QC): When a request for service is entered in the reservations system, QC is automatically alerted. They run a quality control check before passing the request on to the fleet control department.

  • CTI Chauffeur: Our chauffeurs are a reflection of CTI's business philosophy. Their job is to make each trip a great experience for the passenger.

  • Vehicle Make-Ready: Every CTI vehicle goes through an exhaustive make-ready process to vehicle safety, cleanliness, and that the right newspapers and bottled water are stocked. The Chauffeur is responsible for the final inspection of the vehicle; ensures that everything is as the passenger expects it to be.

  • The Trip: At this point, every aspect of the reservation has been checked and double checked. An email or text message alerted the traveler where and when to meet their chauffeur. Nothing has been left to chance.

While you or your executive traveled, the CTI service chain reaction has likely been repeated dozens of times. Our Promise of Service is your insurance policy for worry-free corporate ground transportation.

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